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Silver Filter

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29• Model: Silver F - ITD
• CE EN175B
• ITD silver filter is the top quality in the market.
• The silver-coated lenses offer all of the benefits of black lenses plus the addition of extra protection from infrared radiation. These lenses are comprised of the standard green lens with a silver mirror coating. This coating reflects 90% of infrared radiation and reduces the heat to which the eyes are exposed. It also reduces eye strain to a greater degree than the green lens due to the reflective surface which reverts both IR and UV spectrum radiation at a higher rate than the standard lens.

Features include:
• Superior optical quality and visual acuity
• Dimensional stability
• High resistance to radiation (especially infrared)
• Reflective surface that prevents eye fatigue
• Scratch resistant
• Filter shade: DIN 9, 10, 11, 12
• Filter dimensions: 50x110 (mm)
• Other dimensions: Order

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