Gas welding - cuting

Gas Welding - Cuting Set (Universal Set)

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Model: UGS
Applicable Gas Oxygen and acetylene
Capacity Welding up to 9,0mm / Cutting up to 30mm
Standard Equipment
Cutting Torch 01
Cutting tip 03 (No.1 / No.2 / No.3)
Welding tip 05 (No.25 / No.50 / No.70 / No.100 / No.140)
Goggles 01 (5# green)
Oxygen regulator 01 (Forged full brass body with durability)
Acetylene regulator 01 (Forged full brass body with durability)
Twin Hose 5M (6,5mm / 10mm)
Flasback arrestor 02 (For Oxy and Acetylene regulator)
Lighter 01 (Single flint)
Tip Cleaner 80mm / 100mm
Tools box 01

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